Dental Implants in Roseville, CA

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A dental implant takes the place of a missing tooth. It is an ideal option for people who have suffered tooth loss from an injury or periodontal disease.

A metal post or root is surgically placed beneath the gum line and into the jawbone. This serves as the foundation for a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are categorized under long term restorations. They look natural, function effectively and are very comfortable. Because they recreate the look and feel of natural teeth, dental implants are also a desirable option for cosmetic benefits. Most patients experience no pain during the procedure and no discomfort afterward.

Depending on the work being done, multiple visits may be required for a successful dental implant procedure. Most often, several weeks are needed in between for healing. The anchor may be placed on the first visit. During the waiting period, tissue will develop around the anchor in a process known as osseointegration. Finally, the artificial tooth will be fitted and placed over the post. Periodic follow up visits might be scheduled to monitor the implant and just like with natural teeth, healthy oral hygiene should be practiced.

Dental implants are designed to provide cosmetic benefits as well. The replicate the appearance and feel of natural teeth and are frequently fabricated from titanium material.

A dental implant procedure can require multiple visits. The first visit involves the use of an anchor placed into the jawbone, the site requires several weeks to heal. Tissue will eventually grow around the anchor, a process known as ‘Osseointegration’. For the second visit, your dentist in Roseville will place an artificial and natural-looking is designed and fitted over the anchor.

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