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A denture is a custom made, removable plate that holds one or more artificial teeth. Available as partial or complete, dentures are used to substitute missing teeth. Some advantages for using dentures include; speaking and eating more comfortably, support for facial muscles, and a more attractive appearance altogether.

Partial Denture

Prevents the movement of existing teeth. They are appropriate for patients who are missing only a few teeth. Similar to a bridge, partial dentures fill in the spaces of missing teeth but unlike a bridge, they are removable.

Full Dentures

Applied to patients missing all of their teeth. They are made and placed after any remaining teeth are removed and once the tissue has healed. This healing process requires some patience, as it takes several months in which the patient will be without teeth.

Immediate full dentures

An alternative that spare the patient from being without teeth during the recovery period. Follow up visits are required for adjustments with this option. Measurements will be taken and dentures will be placed on the same day. Immediate dentures will not be tightened until the recovery process is finalized. The appearance of the jaw bone will shift during the healing process but the dentures will eventually adjust to the patient’s mouth.

Good oral hygiene should be maintained even with artificial teeth. Dentures should be removed before bed and placed in room-temperature water or denture solution fluid. They can be brushed just like natural teeth with a soft brush and denture paste. Dentures require time to adjust to the patient’s mouth. With time and patience, they will begin to feel more like natural teeth.

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