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Dental sealant is a clear plastic coating that is painted on the chewing surface of teeth to prevent decay. Thin, individual layers are applied to protect the molars and premolars. Although dental sealants are typically applied to children and teenagers, adults without molar fillings are also suitable candidates for them. Dr. Amandeep Behniwal is a dental sealants expert in Roseville who can provide effective sealants on a range of patients.

The dental sealant process is completely pain free and application to each tooth involves only a few minutes. Teeth are thoroughly cleaned at the beginning of the process. After teeth are dried, an acid is placed on the grooves to aid the sealant in bonding more efficiently. Teeth will be rinsed and dried a second time. Finally, the sealant will be painted on the grooves and a special light might be used to cure and help the sealant harden.

Given the proper treatment and maintenance, dental sealants can last up to a decade. Fluoride treatments are compatible with sealants and can help maintain strong and healthy teeth. Regular check ups and cleanings should be scheduled to assure the longevity of dental sealants.

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