Invisible Alignment – Invisalign

Invisible Alignment – Invisalign

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A great smile can be marred by crooked teeth, and misaligned mouth can cause trouble with your bite. In some cases, the health of surrounding teeth may be affected. Orthodontic treatment can repair these issues, but people often think it is painful or will make them unattractive.

The Subtle way to Straighten your Smile

Invisalign offers clear, retainer-like orthodontic appliances to gently adjust the position of your teeth. Each of the plastic aligners is worn for two weeks, gradually pushing your teeth into place. The aligners are clear, making them practically invisible.

More Comfortable than Traditional Solutions

Because the Invisalign system is removable and not glued to your teeth, you avoid the difficulties with eating and oral hygiene associated with traditional metal brackets. The aligners only push against one or two teeth at a time, ensuring that only the teeth that need adjusting are affected.

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